Airport Wedding Proposal – The best marriage proposal ever!! 최고의 결혼 제안

Relationship Proposal Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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| June 27th, 2013 | Posted in Wedding Proposals |

25 Responses to “Airport Wedding Proposal – The best marriage proposal ever!! 최고의 결혼 제안”

  1. Ann Hansen Pingry Says:

    This is too cute!!! Oh my goodness!!i want flowers!!!

  2. Deborah Kline Says:

    Love,love, love!

  3. mikelh Says:

    “How can people go around disliking wedding proposals?”
    Easy, they have no soul.

  4. mikelh Says:

    LOL Best comment EVER…LOL

  5. mikelh Says:

    I was thinking the same thing…what if one of them was a jackass and said to her “hey baby, lets go bang in the airport bathroom before your boyfriend comes out”

  6. mikelh Says:

    OMG She must have sausage fingers. Beer bottle necks are almost an inch wide.

  7. mikelh Says:

    Are you the guy or the photographer?

  8. ryo24kd Says:


  9. UEGUnequaled Says:

    I want to try that with the new TSA.

  10. Unitedstatesilove Says:

    That was clever and sweet but she knew who the guilty party was.

  11. Jason VanKemp Says:

    cute story, I met a girl on AdultDatingReportcom and she told me about this video. These proposal videos are popping up all over. Really raising the bar for the rest of us dudes.

  12. royston shivalkar Says:


  13. Peter Philpot Says:

    My TV show.. Watcha gonna do about it.. Love rules!!

  14. George Ciccarone Says:

    Does anyone know what TV show this is from??? I own that footage and it was never cleared for use. Thanks! George

  15. dumagmelbie Says:

    love it..

  16. ilovemka22 Says:

    This is sooo beautiful

  17. msLlamalove234 Says:

    This is sweet, but not the best.the best is where the guy made a movie trailer of asking her dad’s permission that they actually showed in the theatre!

  18. Celeste W Says:

    That was soo beautiful!!!!

  19. mizyal96 Says:


  20. MJJFA Says:

    Awww this is so beautiful. And I agree with the comment above. It sounds like the guy from Pokemon lmao

  21. darepow Says:


  22. ayanotdo Says:

    おぉ! #NHK で最後に放送してた動画はこれ〜

  23. rob caudy Says:


  24. JBiebs4Ever121 Says:

    The way my friends dad proposed was that he told her to go get him a beer, and the ring was around the bottles top.

  25. getfreelanced Says:

    AWESOME! :) for a guy I can even agree this is very sweet… however he was a dumb*** and just walks up and says “will you marry me”

    baller should have been like “each one of these roses symbolizes a moment that we have become closer, and in the end they make something complete and beautiful, would you marry me?”

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