Best Surprise Movie Trailer Wedding Proposal (WITH HER REACTION!) (marriage proposal movie trailer)

Relationship Proposal Video Ranking: 4 / five

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| January 11th, 2014 | Posted in Wedding Proposals |

25 Responses to “Best Surprise Movie Trailer Wedding Proposal (WITH HER REACTION!) (marriage proposal movie trailer)”

  1. Evelin Garcia Says:


  2. Glynn Jolley Says:

    Magic …. Well done

  3. Old N Gamer Says:

    Hahahaha a parody of the other one I saw, liked this one much more though!

  4. Espen Ulvan Says:

    Totally awesome.Great idea:)

  5. Drywater Productions Says:

    Thanks for your feedback Tommy. Sorry you didn’t like it.

  6. lfcalfan Says:

    well said !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Drywater Productions Says:

    Thanks Kathfor!

  8. lfcalfan Says:

    when a girl is proposed to in the places you say then that is the norm, but
    when a person makes a video to share with the world then they are taking it
    to a different level and leave themselves open to critical appraisal,
    whether that be good or bad, and to copy another persons original idea and
    do it badly will always bring negative appraisal, unlike good original
    videos like ‘Isaac’s lip-dub proposal’ which is excellent and original and
    very very good.

  9. kathfor Says:

    I can’t believe people are so negative and nasty about this. So much love
    and hard work was put into this proposal! I suppose every girl who gets
    proposed to in a restaurant or on a beach or on holiday or in her own home
    is also marrying a copycat, because that’s all been done before, too!

  10. Drywater Productions Says:

    That would have been terrible :)

  11. Tommy Igo Says:

    You copied

  12. Mary Jane Says:

    Don’t be so negative “married a copycat” , Loll , at least he tryed dude
    nice vid I liked it wish u twothe best :)

  13. lfcalfan Says:

    sorry. but this is a very poor video that copies the idea from a video by
    matt and ginny posted 2 years ago that has had over 27 million hits, poor
    girl, she is marrying a copy cat. At least be original.

  14. Drywater Productions Says:

    Hey Ifcalfan, Sorry you didn’t like it. We appreciate Matt and Ginny’s
    video as much as anyone- they did a great job! I’m not sure it’s fair to
    say this is a copy though. But thanks for leaving your comment.

  15. Cameron Pickering Says:

    Check out one of our newest videos, which has been gaining some attention
    around YouTube and locally.

  16. Thibault de Kafferguend Says:

    With God as our cornerstone, ….I like it

  17. Stephen Pickering Says:


  18. igotastic Says:

    This is awesome! I’m from Janesville and frequent that theatre quite often!
    I just stumbled across this video randomly on YT and when I saw it say
    Fitchburg I was excited! Congratulations on the engagement! :)

  19. Drywater Productions Says:

    Thanks Majda131. What is your culture? Thanks for the comment!

  20. patrick Le Ray Says:

    Bravo… félicitation… …via Belgique

  21. Drywater Productions Says:

    Thanks Rossio! We put a ton of time into the production value so I really
    appreciate you noticing it :) Thank you!

  22. Drywater Productions Says:


  23. therayster5815able Says:

    Wow this was totally awesome !!!Congrats !!! I desire to propose to my
    future fiancee the same way do you mind if I reach out to you so I can c
    how you put everything together.She absolutely loves the movies & this
    would be the best wedding proposal for her,I been praying for an awesome
    marriage proposal & I know this is it,I have already shared it with a
    couple of people to help me out with it, now I need the pieces to put it
    together,please if you could help me out,she is truely dear to me !!

  24. Drywater Productions Says:

    Thanks Selena!

  25. Drywater Productions Says:

    NBC 15 did a GREAT job covering the story- Jeremy and Jessica had a great

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