Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

Marriage Proposal Movie Ranking: four / 5

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| May 30th, 2013 | Posted in Wedding Proposals |

25 Responses to “Flash Mob Wedding Proposal”

  1. Andrew Martin Says:

    what is the first song called and who sang it

  2. Jasmine Hill Says:

    And all the single ladies in the crowd are thinking…you f***ing b***h hahaha

  3. araeLSnoble7 Says:

    Congrats! She’s really pretty too!

  4. Vladimir Makarov Says:


  5. 1LeeBruce Says:

    did she really say yes? i couldn’t hear her say yes or shake her head

  6. NoMoreIllegal5 Says:

    So this explains why the Fedex guy was late on this date….

  7. addagurl91 Says:


  8. addagurl91 Says:

    sweet gler…serious!!!!!!

  9. azimahzh Says:

    ouh.. i’m crying.. :’)

  10. Shukrie shuk Says:

    Sweet gilaaa..

  11. cinz76 Says:

    Congrats! I loved it! Greatings from holland!

  12. teguranMelayu Says:

    bangga sangat buat bende cam nie….. ikut telunjuk barat…. korang pun admire sangat benda2 cenggini…. padahal budaya melayu lagi best dan sopan kowt…. bangga la dengan budaya melayu……..

  13. ermanorwd Says:

    kau nie ape meroyan kt sini nie!!!!

  14. DancerQueen4331 Says:

    uhm he had the road shut down for 37 minutes to propose to her. You don’t know him and I do therefor I can personally say that he did infact “make the road congest for just a girl”, in which that “just a girl” happens to be a very close cousin of mine.

  15. UnknownGenius01 Says:

    Imagine if she said no ;/)

  16. unixcorp90 Says:

    did you make the road congested for just a girl???

    gimme a break

  17. Izzah maisarah Says:

    this is so sweet :*****

  18. UndergroundScene26 Says:

    kalau nak comment mcm ni, jgn guna nama teguran melayu..haiz.. malulah sikit..awak sendiri tak mampu nak buat mcm ni..

  19. confisha1 Says:

    masalah apa kau ni? heihh.. dengki

  20. SHAH FAIZ Says:


  21. 兴 郭布罗 Says:

    浪漫啊- -

  22. teguranMelayu Says:

    macam gampang…..

  23. Farhana Hashim Says:

    i love last part!

  24. Kwon Jiyoung Says:

    doesnt matter..he is so sweet..you?

  25. Ali Imran Says:

    Yes, and that person is not you.

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