JOURNEY – a NY Marriage Proposal

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| November 15th, 2013 | Posted in Wedding Proposals |

7 Responses to “JOURNEY – a NY Marriage Proposal”

  1. Ryan Marsh Says:

    I’ll take that bet, Dave.

  2. Michael Justin Films Says:

    Filmed this wedding proposal last year – almost one year to the day these
    two love birds tied the knot! Can’t wait for their wedding film.

  3. Priscila Carol Says:

    oh God, SO amazing. this was fantastic! congrats guys, wish you the best!!!
    kisses from Brazil.

  4. iamjco Says:

    aw! I love this. Especially because it happened on 8.25.12 which is when I
    got married in RI. It’s amazing to think that this was probably being
    filmed at the same time we were getting married. That was truly a day of
    such love. What a special day!

  5. browneyedlove77 Says:

    this is sooo cute! every girl’s dream.

  6. John L Says:

    may your ordinaries be extraordinary …. :)

  7. Inspadave Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you narcissism and insecurity. I give
    the marriage only a couple of years.

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