KL Bukit Bintang Wedding Proposal (with Eng Subtitle)

Marriage Proposal Online video Score: four / five

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| April 5th, 2014 | Posted in Wedding Proposals |

25 Responses to “KL Bukit Bintang Wedding Proposal (with Eng Subtitle)”

  1. miyaa mariyaa Says:

    she pregnant?

  2. Yen Fzal Says:

    funny n sweet :) 

  3. Zuriel Naweh Says:

    geng chow~

  4. Danish Wafi Says:

    This guy is funny. I bet their marriage will fill with laughter. You
    deserve him girl

  5. liacokelat Says:

    wth,i wanna hear the guy with the guitar

  6. Saranghae M.A Says:

    sweet n touching.. :)

  7. TheFamilyismylife Says:

    i looooovvvvveee iiittt……..congrats

  8. zahnita said Says:

    wahh..lucky girl..i wish to be her..hehe

  9. bigeyegurl Says:

    comelnye…. ^_^

  10. Vin Pac Says:

    its cute & sweet…

  11. Daniel cjy Says:

    So touching @_@

  12. saravanab32 Says:

    Malaysia is beautiful oni if you can enjoy it….not every country has
    it….i am a malaysian n proud to b…to tid guy…god bless you always…

  13. MysteriMaan Says:

    What a happy occation… makes me think. Everyone can forget all the bad
    things in the world during this moment of time, that is why happiness was
    there. The method in which the man use to execute this moment of happiness
    was spot on the best i had seen in forever. Yes, i had seen it happen once
    in the past and i am really happy to see that it is still possible now.i
    really hope future couples will have the same direction as this couple did

  14. Atuk Aji Says:

    God Bless. Sweet couple and very supportive family members. Till death do
    you both apart. Congratulations Veween & Franco.

  15. Teh Sulaiman Says:

    this bring tears to my eyes.. congrats to both of u :)

  16. Shannen ss Says:

    the best wedding proposal. the whole family were involved.

  17. valxoxo19 Says:

    aww this is so beautiful!

  18. ShirleyLarry Says:

    happy ending.

  19. yingxinful Says:


  20. WoodlandSpore Says:

    amazing, gves us all hope, touching, so much effort, brings tears to my
    eyes too. may both of you enjoy loving bliss

  21. Edwin Chan Says:

    the idea is quite GOOD!!! but i dunno why the mascot thing is thr?? @@” the
    mascot part should change to “he suddenly come out of no way n gv rose to
    her” this way is better~

  22. Kamal Lee Says:

    1:28 . LOL

  23. samm s Says:

    he is a funny guy…ha ha de haha

  24. MrDevilmaycry1999 Says:

    尾声的音乐 什么歌名 end song is wat name?

  25. NVStudio Says:

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    the viewers for supporting this video. Coming up next is [Helicopter

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