Theatre Wedding Proposal

Marriage Proposal Movie Score: four / five

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| May 4th, 2014 | Posted in Wedding Proposals |

15 Responses to “Theatre Wedding Proposal”

  1. Kyle Benton Says:

    One of those videos that hits all the feels

  2. Cmg573 Says:

    And congrats

  3. Jackie Eapen Says:

    Dang it. That was actually me below not Er. Oops. Sorry hata. I forgot she
    signed in on my phone while back… I’m sure she would love it though if
    she had seen it :) 

  4. Subin Chandran Says:

    Man bro soo happy for you and Nisha!! You guys are the corniest I have
    seen, yet the best together!! Definitely made for each other! Love yall!!

  5. Ginto Mathew Says:

    Congrats Leon!! Great video.Good luck with everything.

  6. Lejo Abraham Says:

    What’s up bro!!!! So happy for you guys man!!! Hope this things goes
    viral! Nisha looking forward to having another sis and I’m happy that you
    make my lil bro so happy…best of luck and we are looking forward to the
    wedding! Big Shout Out to Sonny and his phenomenal & creative videography!

  7. Jay Chacko Says:

    Congratulations Black Mamba and his sweet lady Nisha! God bless you both in
    the coming year as y’all plan and prepare for the big day. Wish y’all both
    a life time of happiness. Very beautifully done brudderman! Also, want to
    give a special shout out to Sonny Nguyen…BOSS STATUS! Great work on the
    overall production I will be hitting you up for my Sweet 50th birthday
    party! #2015yearofthemamba #Godbless 

  8. Sam M Says:

    COPYCAT… This exact idea/event was originally COPIED OFF a proposal that
    took place in Philadelphia area on May 2010 at PRIYA’s proposal. Which then
    was copied off again in Atlanta in 2011. I guess the words gets around
    quickly over the years. Not to bust the bubble, on the other hand congratz.

  9. Nisha Patel Says:

    So, I was told we were going on a date to watch Robocop (in the middle of
    my close as an accountant on a weekday) because there was such great
    “visual and sound”, I live in Humble so thought he was TOTALLY selfish for
    making me drive there late night for a 8:45 showing. I’m not a person that
    loves to drive, esp houston traffic so on the way there.. I left my glasses
    on my work desk and trying to be on time printed out on paper for notes
    just incase to go to Richmond, Tx. I got stuck on 59 behind this huge
    trucker..little did I know staying in the far right lane for the Toll would
    EXIT me off the hwy. I asked if my friends to join us..he has said no “just
    us”..on the drive to find out all of his friends will be there (selfish
    again was my thought). Got there 15 mins late..– we usually meet and drive
    together but not this time — , (he kept bugging me where am I as I was
    trying to use my gps on my phone to get there) I was mad..walked in to see
    all of his friends so casually dressed and here I am wearing a “dress and
    heels”, boy was I mad. (He said for me to wear that because we were
    stopping by a friends afterwards at a bar for a birthday party).. So we
    walked in.. I was so mad it took awhile until he called his brother “Lejo”
    that I even realized IT WAS HIM ON THE SCREEN. (Call me red-hot), after
    that I melted like butter watching everything he went through to make this
    day so special. I had no clue all of our family and friends were sitting
    behind me as the lights were off and I assumed its just regular people. My
    eyes are wondering around because the visuals were AWESOME and most places
    were personal locations I know in the video.Plus wondering my eyes around
    kept my eyes from blinking and seeing blur from crying! Such a special day,
    glad he decided to share it with so many.. Thank you all for the great
    support and blessings… shame on you all who kept it from me for three
    months knowing the process was going on, but great surprise.

  10. therealtrinatreen Says:

    Leon you did good job! Man I didn’t know you had some acting skills. If
    this accounting thing don’t work out, you should definitely do Theatre. Oh
    and your watch game is on point. Beautiful Proposal!

  11. Erin James Says:

    So happy your lovebirds :) thanks for letting us be apart of your love
    story ! 

  12. Leon Abraham Says:

    +Cmg573 I told her we were going to watch Robocop, so she was furious
    driving an hour away to watch something she didn’t care to watch haha, but
    she had no clue what was about to happen, and thank you…..

  13. Cyril Zachariah Says:

    Impressive job Leon and congrats! Best of luck bro!

  14. Cmg573 Says:

    What movie did u see

  15. sonny nguyen Says:

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